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Long Term Sustainable Fund Raiser
Put your fundraising on Autopilot with your own Web-Store

If you've been looking for a new and sustainable Fundraising Strategy you should consider opening your own Fund Raiser Web-Store. Learn how to fundraise the easy way with personalized gifts.    Here are just some of the benefits
Totally Cost Free No Additional Workload for your Organization Sell your own Custom Products Ideal Fundraiser for
  • Free web-store hosting
  • Free sub-domain name
  • Free product creation software
  • Free secure payment system powered by PayPal
  • We pay you your profits via PayPal twice a month
  • Free listing in our directory
  • Create your own products just once & you're done
  • We handle all order processing
  • We handle all shipping and returns
  • We handle all aspects of customer service
  • We provide Live Time Sales Stats at the click of a button
  • Our free web-stores provide a turn key solution for your fundraising needs
  • Upload your own logo/pictures & create your own unique products
  • Great product quality
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products
  • You control your own web-store prices
  • Animal Rescue Groups
  • Dog Clubs
  • SPCA's 
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Non-Profit Orgs
  • Red Cross Chapters
  • Schools  
  • United Ways
  • Many more..
Let us start by asking you a question - it will give you a better understanding of how valuable a free web-store can be to your organization :-

Does your organization produce a calendar for your members?

If the answer is yes, do you ever run out during the year, or have calendars left over at the end of the year?

When you use your own photo gifts store to sell your calendars you never have these problems - all you do is create your organization calendar, put it in your web-store, and you will always have exactly the right number!

A free web-store can turn your organization's logo into your most valuable asset - all you need to do is upload your logo to your store and put it on a selection of custom products - you will be amazed at the response of your members and supporters - you will also be surprised by the amount of funds those products will generate for you! Learn More ...

Here at Photo Gifts Mall we have over 400 custom products to choose from - we have listed (clickable links) some of the most popular products used for fundraising on the right, to give you some examples.

The best thing about using photo gifts for fundraising is, after creating your initial products, there is absolutely no additional ongoing workload for your employees and volunteers to deal with.

Sample Proven Fundraising Products
Custom Branded Calendars
Custom Branded Coasters
Custom Branded Cufflinks
Custom Branded Golf Accessories
Custom Branded iPhone Cases
Custom Branded Keychains
Custom Branded Money Clips
Custom Branded Coffee Mugs
Custom Branded Photo Bags
Custom Branded Tote Bags
Custom Branded Watches
Sample Free Fundraising Store
Sample Fundraising VIP Store
We have 76 web-store templates to choose from; they can all be customized with your own logo, header and colors. Our templates are designed to be user friendly and allow you to quickly mirror the look and feel of your own website. We recommend you take a look at the sample free fundraising store (linked above) to give you a clearer picture.

While our free web-stores are denominated in US Dollars only, we do have another program that provides the option of denominations in the following currencies: Euros, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollars and Singapore Dollars. This ensures clubs, associations & non-profit organizations from various locations around the world can all benefit from our fundraising program.

It's easy to make your members and supporters aware of your web-store - regardless of your location

To get your fundraising off to a fast start it's important to ensure your members and supporters are aware your web-store exists. There are many ways to spread the word but the most important are:

1 Link your web-store from your main website
2 Announce the launch of your web-store in your newsletter or ezine
3 Ask your members and supporters to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Media sites

If you take these simple marketing steps it will give your web-store a sound foundation that will provide an ongoing stream of long term fundraising.

Before you get started, there's one thing we need to make you are aware of; while our free web-stores provide you, the store owner, with unlimited access to our product creation software, they do not provide access to your members.

Any member that wishes to upload their own photos, logos and designs will be redirected to the main Photo Gifts Mall site, where they can freely make their own photo gifts using any images they desire. Your organization will not receive any revenue on these transactions.

We do however have another program, our VIP Stores, that allows absolutely anyone to make their own designs right in your web-store; when you own a VIP web-store your organization receives all the revenues from these types of transactions, along with several other benefits.

It' easy to get started - you can open your free web-store here or learn more about our VIP stores .

If you need further information please complete our Fundraising Questions Form.

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